Chasing Canada: Feature Documentary

One Woman, One Horse & 6,000+km of Canada to Cross!

On April 28, 2008 Kimber and her horse Katrina (Kat) rode west from Trenton, Nova Scotia with a goal of the Pacific Coast of Canada, 6,000+km and 5-6 months down the road. Her driving inspiration was Barbara Kingscote’s 1949 journey from Mascouche, Quebec to Vancouver, British Columbia and a search for the ‘generous heart of my country’ that Barb had found six decades before.

Is it still possible for a lone woman and her horse to make it across Canada almost purely on character and the hospitality of the Canadian spirit?

Chasing Canada follows Kimber and Katrina through the heart of Canada coast to coast, during which they are intimately introduced to Canada’s vast landscapes and amazing people. Over the course of their 5 months on the road this dynamic pair, of ‘well-behaved women’ out to make history, were taken in by 112 families and supported by hundreds of Canadians coast to coast. This is their story.

Chasing Canada was released on DVD in 2010, and aired on CBC Documentary from April 2011-14. Please visit the home page to stream the full length documentary.